Friday, February 4, 2011

7 C's of Leadership

Leadership Development
As leaders we are servants who communicate God's truth & lead groups of young people in ministry, prayer, and spiritual growth. As a leader you model the Christian life to others.

Check yourself against the following characteristics.
Use them as a guide for your own spiritual development or use them when you are considering someone for leadership.

Christ Follower Having a passion for Christ & seeking to honour Him with your life

Character Paying attention to your heart & modelling yourself on Jesus

Calling Are you called to serve God's through ministry to young people?

Competence  To lead & serve effectively with wisdom & maturity

Compatibility Having the right temperament & passion for leading young people

Consistency Effective ministry requires people who will be around for the ‘long haul', not flitting in & out as it suits.

Commitment An attitude of ‘doing whatever it takes' & making a priority of serving God enthusiastically through this ministry

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