Monday, May 2, 2011

A weekend in ER: Coronary Care Unit

What Can I Learn From This Situation?

This past weekend I found myself heading to the ER with heart issues, being rushed into hospital with chest pains is not a good thing for a 33yo woman, after multiple tests and checkups, while waiting for results and trying to sleep in a very noisy hospital wing (you know, old people in CCU cough very loudly, it sound like they are going to bring up their stomach, a lung or something they cough so hard - it's disgusting - much admiration for doctors & nurses!)

So while there, I found myself blocking my ears but more seriously wondering what can I learn from this situation? Most situations do contain a positive element even in the most difficult and frightening of situations. So what have I learnt? God is good! I live in a country that is able to check and work quickly in emergencies. My family and friends are amazing - we have had meals, kids taken care of and people visiting to share love and encouragement. My reliance of God, doctors and others for their wisdom, expertise and love - rather than on myself.

This week I've been reading 2 Samuel, particularly chapter 3&4 with my bible engagement group. We've been diving into the character of David - particularly his early leadership, his strengths in some circumstances and his weaknesses in others. His ability to trust and be faithful to God in all circumstances - regardless of the situation. How encouraging to see how David responds in crisis -he is fully reliant on God.

God's word is living and active. God uses His Word to speak to us today, in all situations! He is good!

For those interested heart results all clear which is good, well most of them anyway, there's still the little issue of high blood pressure we need to consider, maybe it's time to take that holiday!!

PS - some may ask why a cow - well there's a little story about the cow here

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