Thursday, January 27, 2011

What we can learn from God’s Word

When I read the Bible, I can look for:

1. Truth about God's character
God gave us the Bible so we could learn more about who he is. We don't need someone else to tell us EVERYTHING about God; we can learn on our own! Discover God on his own terms; he gave us the Bible so we could learn more about his character through alone time with him and his Word.

2. Truth about the way things are
God hasn't left us here on earth alone to figure things out on our own. Life can be difficult, but when we know "how the world works" we can make better, wiser decisions.

3. Truth about the way things were
God gave us the history in the Bible to teach us. The Bible isn't a history full of perfect people; instead, it details the lives of imperfect people like you and me. Their lives—good choices and bad—serve as an example to move us on to greater maturity. (See Hebrews 11:1-12:1)

4. Truth about how we ought to act
The Bible doesn't only tell us about how things are or how they were; it also reveals a picture of how things ought to be. God's love for us is so great that he accepts us where we are; and his love is greater still because he doesn't want to leave us there. God gives us commands to follow for our benefit and well being.

When you read, here are four questions you can ask to help learn from the Bible:

1. What does this passage teach me about who God is, how he acts, what he likes?
2. What does this passage teach about the nature of the world (about the way things are)?
3. Does this passage have an example from the past that I can learn from?
4. What commands does this passage contain for me to follow with my life?

Some practical steps for becoming better at studying the Bible:
• Learn to view Bible study as a non-negotiable time throughout your week.
• Set aside a consistent time when you are at your best.
• Avoid the extremes of being ritualistic (mechanical) or lazy.
• Begin with some realistic goals and boundaries for your study time.
• Be open to God's Spirit.
• Fall in love with God like he's your best friend.

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