Friday, June 3, 2011

Zacchaeus up a Lego tree

This week it was Toby's turn to lead 'Super Family Bible Night' and it was a little hectic and rushed this week, but with limited time Toby pulled off a great night. We looked at the story of Zacchaeus a short man who climbed a tree to see Jesus.

Toby read the story to us and we talked about what Zacchaeus was like - he was rich, he was greedy, he stole from poor people and he wasn't like very much. So why would Jesus have lunch with a man who wasn't liked. Because God loves everyone - not just the 'good' people.

We also talked about what Zacchaeus was like after he had lunch with Jesus - he gave away his money, he paid back those he'd stolen from. He was different because he'd met Jesus. We too are different because we know Jesus.

Toby's activity this week was to make Zacchaeus' tree out of Lego - this was a little tricky - not just making the tree but also because we had just that week confiscated some of Toby's Lego (behaviour issues) and so he didn't have any brown or green Lego - and so we had to be creative in how we made Lego trees - however, the kids did an amazing creative job with limited Lego!

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