Monday, August 22, 2011

Engaging God during holidays

God's beautiful creation

Even in the midst of holidays, there is opportunity for 'Super Family Bible Night' Recently we holidayed in Queensland with another family, and together we shared bible stories, fun, laughs, and experiencing God while on holidays.

We are blessed as a family to have another family who love God and encourage us to invest spiritually in our children. So it was a priveledge recently to go away on holidays with them.

On a number of nights we'd read bible stories as 2 families and share thoughts, insights & questions. One funny moment was around the story Jesus told about the man who built his house on the rock and another who built his house on the sand. The rain came down and washed the house on sand away. My friend asked the question, what can we learn from this story, and 3yo Joanie replies "Jesus wants me to learn how to swim". Classic! Even a 3yo was engaged in God's Word!

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