Monday, October 17, 2011

Moses & the drawing tablets

Well its been awhile since I've uploaded a 'Super Family Bible Night' we've been still enjoying our family nights just slack in uploading. So with a new phone and a blogging app there's really little excuse. Enjoy our family antics.

Tonight's theme was the 10 commandments. Adam's plan was to read to ask the kids which ones they remembered, they did remember 3 but got fixated on one in particular 'do not kill'.

Adam read through the rest of the 10 commandments, and was doing really well with his explanations until... 'do not commit adultery' ... How do you explain that to a 6yo & 9yo...

Each of us drew a picture of one them, Adam drew resting on the sabbath, Kylie drew coveting someone else's stuff, Toby drew someone stealing his new toys but the most interesting was lily's she decided to draw do not murder. Mmm...

Great fun, easy night. Why not explore Family Nights with your family.

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