Wednesday, October 26, 2011

David & Bathsheba as told by a 9yo

Well this weeks Super Family Bible Night was certainly interesting, to say the least. Toby chose the story of David & Bathsheba, I think because he liked the war pictures in his Bible when Uriah & Joab were on the battle field. Little did he know the bigger context of the passage... Made for interesting discussion.

Thankfully we'd had some discussion on adultery last week, so we are to use last weeks chat and this weeks passage together. Obviously we spoke about it in an age appropriate way.

After we'd read the story, we came to practical illustration time and can I say truthfully .... I was unsure what Toby was going to have us draw. Thankfully his focus was about drawing what we thought God's temple would look like or draw David's crown.

Tonight was certainly challenging but again fun, and about releasing our kids to engage God's word in their own way.

Why not have a go with family nights with your family this week.

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