Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nahum & chicken pox

Well this last fortnight has certainly been challenging with both Toby & Lily having chicken pox. But we finally got the chance to have our "Super Family Bible Night". This week it was Lily's turn to lead and she chose the story of Nahum and his healing (her choice may have had something to do with her hating chicken pox).

Lily & Adam reading the story of Nahum together for us

Lily asked us why did we think God put this story in the Bible, we all had a chance of answering, I thought I'd be funny and say it's in the Bible because God thinks it's important to wash and clean ourselves 7 times every day  - the reply was blank faces, *sigh* "mum, don't be silly" - well I thought it was funny & some good practical elements too. hehe...

Then Lily shared her view. She thought it was in there because Elijah was God and Nahum is us, and sometimes God asks us to do funny things like wash ourselves 7 times. But we always need to listen and obey God - Profound for a 6yo!!

Lily had each of us draw the story in our own way but with strict instructions, we were NOT to copy anyones work. So off we went drawing away...

Lily drawing her Nahum artwork

Toby sharing his artwork with us

The artist, Adam, shares his picture - impressive

Lily finished with a simple prayer - which of course included a prayer for her chicken pox to be healed - bless her - poor thing. (I tried to secretly video her prayer but I got sprung - not so sneaky)

This week we also put up the Christmas tree and decorations. I can't believe how it's nearly Christmas already! What a year!

Love to hear your comments and thoughts on Family devotions.

Enjoy your week.

From our family to yours - blessings

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